Testimonials From Those We've Helped

Brenda Benjamin-Mower

December 4, 2020

I do not know why I came to River Valley Christian Job Corp, but I do know that God had a purpose for me going and everything worked out so perfectly. At the time I could not find a job and I was losing hope. One day the pastor’s wife from my church called me and told me about River Valley Christian Job Corp. She asked me if I wanted to fill out an application for them. At the same time, I asked God what did He want me to do? God made this opportunity happen! I am so grateful and blessed that God made all this possible. I have learned so many things. I have learned about conflict resolution and how to deal with conflict in the workplace and at home. I have learned to be more confident in what I say and do. The important thing I have learned is God’s love and His Word is in everything we learn every day! I want to thank the Lord and all of you amazing people for making a difference in my life, and many others' lives also.


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