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Bible Memorial Donation

We are excited to start taking donations to put new Bibles in the hands of our clients. You are now able to make a $40 donation for each Bible placed in memory of a loved one.

To make a Bible Memorial Donation, just click HERE. It will lead you to fill out a form with your personal information. Once you do that, you will fill out the name of the person whom you are placing the Bible in memory of. You will then be sent to the RVCLC PayPal link where you will need to make a donation in the amount of $40.

If you would like to place more than one Bible, just make your donation amount equal to the amount of Bibles you would like to place. We will reach out to you to see how you would like to proceed as far as placing the Bibles.

Once all of this is complete and we have the Bible in hand, we will put a sticker inside of that Bible designating it as being placed as a memorial with the name of the person on it. The client who receives the Bible will be shown this information so that they know what they are being given.

If you have any questions about this program, please, email me anytime.

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